Our Produce


Freshly harvested asparagus.

We have 1,300 asparagus plants ready to be harvested starting in May this year. Even we can’t eat that much asparagus, so if you’d like some, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can arrange for you to pick it up on the farm and we might be able to deliver some to you in the greater Rochester area as well.


Garlic ready to be hung and cured in our barn.

We grow garlic of three varieties (Music, Northern White, and Rose de Lautrec) that we sell for fresh eating and for seed. This is one of our favorite crops to plant as it’s the first to send up tiny green shoots in the spring. Plus, it tastes really amazing!


Potato plants growing in our field.

Our soil was made to grow delicious potatoes. We recently read a history of Oronoco that said many farmers around here used to grow potatoes a hundred years ago, and we know why. Some of our favorite varieties are Dark Red Norland, French Fingerling, German Butterball, and Yukon Gem, but we typically experiment and grow at least one new variety a year just for fun.

Other Produce

Yummy purple Dragon carrots.

We grow all sorts of other fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Whether it is the always-popular heirloom tomato, the herb only your grandmother would recognize, or a healthy crop of peanuts (in Minnesota!), you can probably find it growing in our field at some point.