Our Story

Angela hosting an on-farm picnic for friends, family, and volunteers in 2014.

Angela has loved having her hands in the soil and exploring wild outdoor spaces since she was a kid growing up in Michigan. She started out studying psychology in school, but was soon drawn to all things environmental and food-related after moving to France with her husband, Erik, whom she met at Michigan State University. After two years living abroad, Angela and Erik moved back to the States so Angela could complete a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at Brown University. She then headed to Baltimore where she spent eight years at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, working with faith communities on issues of sustainable agriculture, food security, and public health. She also interned for a season on an organic community-supported agriculture farm and found that she was most at peace working in the fields all day – even if she spent most of her time just pulling weeds!

Erik helping to dig trenches for planting potatoes.

Angela and Erik bought Middle Fork Farm in 2013 and returned to the Midwest to fulfill a dream of owning some land and setting down roots for their growing family. Angela is the primary farmer as Erik has an off-farm job during the week. Still, he is happy to help wherever needed as in his ideal world, he would spend most of his time outdoors working with his hands. Angela is thrilled to once again be filling her days digging in the ground, restoring the woods and grasslands with native plants, and marveling at the variety of life that flourishes around her.

As with most farms, we could never do all of the work required on our own. We have been fortunate over the years to have considerable help from our friends and family. We owe no small part of our success to the time, energy, and encouragement they have given us, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.